Disability Rating Upgrade

Disability Rating UpgradeĀ  USA, VA

Note: There is a possibility that Veterans can get their disability pension, and/or compensation upgraded, regardless of their present percentage rating !

Note: To request a disability percentage upgrade for a non service connection disability pension: (A). It might be in your best interest, to contact the VA toll-free telephone assistance service at 1-800-827-1000, or go to your nearest Vet Center and ask, what do I need to do to request, to apply for a non service connection pension, percentage upgrade? Special Note: The requirements for a non service connection disability pension, is very different in requirements than for a service connection disability compensation.

Vet Alert ! Special Note: The continued information, and/or suggestions, as follows will be pertaining to Service Connections Compensation Disability Percentage Rating Upgrade !
Like many Veterans, you may be thinking, and/or feeling that you need, and/or should be getting a higher service connection disability percentage rating. There is a possibility that the VA might award you a higher rating. No matter what reason you think, and/or feel about your current disability rating, you must make application for your service connection disability percentage rating upgrade !

Special Significant Suggestions: You might find it to be very beneficial, and/or helpful if:

(A. you can establish that your, medical, and/or mental health problems, is/or more debilitating than, the disability rating that the VA currently have you at, is not suffice. You can ask your VA Benefit, and/or VA Regional Office, or your closest VA Vet Center, for the necessary VA Application Form, for upgrading your current Service Connection Disability Percentage Rating.

(B. After you get the upgrade VA Form, fill it out, if you need help filling out the application, you can go to the VA Regional Office, or go to your nearest VA Vet Center; Heed: there may be various Non Profit Veteran Service Organizations, that may help, go to your choice and ask for help, also, ask how long does it take after I submit my claim for the requested upgrade. You can also ask the VA will they refer your request on to the VA Board Of Pension And Compensation for a upgrade evaluation, where you might stand a better chance in getting what you are seeking !

(C. To accommodate your application, you might find it very beneficial and helpful, if you write a Brief Narrative, explaining how bad, and the pain and suffering you are continued to endure, because of your service connected disability(s).

(E. Go to your primary care Physician and tell him/her that you are filing a claim with the VA for a disability percentage upgrade then ask will you do a medical/ and/or mental health opinion to how bad or how my disability has become worse?

Also send that to the VA. Send copies only ! It usually pays to be Patient, but Persistent. You be Judge.

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